Some of the buildings have internal bin stores. These contain 2 bins. Recycling should go in pink bags and ONLY contain items suitable for recycling.
These bags should be put in green bin.
All other rubbish should go in sealed rubbish bags. NOT SUPERMARKET small bags . They should be tied and put in black bins.

If no interior bin stores ,or if you are going downstairs anyway.
Rubbish should be sealed and put in external bin stores.

Recycling should go in pink bags in the store opposite estate office. Recycling bags are available from the Estate Office and a fresh supply arrives on Thursdays.

Large items should be disposed of by the residents either by calling Tower Hamlets Council or by taking to the Recycling Depot

If you have a large item eg TV to dispose of and it is still useful do consider putting a post up on the Forums section.

Please note that external bin stores are locked after 7pm for security reasons. Please do not leave rubbish outside if bin room is locked.

The committee would advise that everyone shreds personal info before disposing of it.

Last revised September 01, 2015 16:29 by Alasdair Earl