The Odyssey is served by London Bus routes 277, D7, 135 and the night bus N550. Here is a live departure board for all buses going westbound (towards Canary Wharf) To Wharf Departures, there is a similar board for buses heading eastbound (towards ASDA). To Asda Departures

The Westbound stops are on Westferry Road; left out of the end of Crews Street, or right out of the end of Claude Street. Both are approximately one minute away.

The nearest Eastbound stop is on the opposite side of Westferry Road, just outside Hubbub.


The nearest DLR station is Mudchute. To get there, take a right out of the development, then take a left into Spindrift Avenue and walk for about five minutes. Map


The nearest underground station is Canary Wharf (Jubilee Line). You can walk there in about 20 minutes, or take any of the buses Westbound. Map

Thames Clipper

The Odyssey is about 10 minutes walk from Masthouse Terrace Thames Clipper stop. Take a right out of the development, then another right into Masthouse Terrace, and walk towards the river. You'll be able to see the pier as soon as you're on the river. Map

TFL Cycle Hire / Boris Bikes

Nearest Bike Hire locations are on Spindrift Avenue and at the Masthouse Terrace Thames Clipper stop. Details on cycle hire at the TFL website

Zip Cars

Nearest location is outside the Estate Office (2 cars) and several around the Isle of Dogs (including a van down the road). There was a promotion with a reference of "CONSORT" for 50% off first year membership + £20 credit however this may no longer be active (1 Sept 2015).

Zip Car website

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