Meeting Time: 6:30 13 January 2014

Meeting Location: 61 Apollo

Requested Attendees: Committee


  • Development lighting and problems with water.
  • Bin store security
  • Update on Gym
  • Update on gate application

Minutes of meeting

Attendees :
Annie Walker,
Peter and June le Page,
Tim Beerh,

For Consort...Ryan Collier and Thomas Griffin

Development lighting and water problems

New wall lights and path lights have now been installed. There were issues with the water level being so high which caused the electrics to short out. Apparently the original installation left a lot to be desired.
The street lights are being replaced, they should all be up and running soon.

Bin Store security

New PIR sensors have been installed in the bin rooms, so the lights will now operate automatically.
The matter of bin room security was brought up, as this appears to be lax once more. Assurances were given about the bin stores being locked at night.
A concern is that people are dumping their rubbish outside the bin stores once they are locked. Foxes are then getting into the bags and rubbish is strewn all over the place.
Residents are asked to use common sense if the bin stores are locked.
The possibility of having a key pad for the bin rooms was discussed. Thomas to investigate


Quotes are being obtained for new equipment. Thomas is meeting with another supplier on 16th Jan. David and Thomas liaising on this with input from Tim.
Sadly, we have lost Peter (who cleaned the gym) through ill health Other staff are being put in place.

Update on gate application

A planning consultant has visited. Consort will update on developments, they feel the outlook is positive.


Changes in personnel are taking place. Possibility of a change to night time arrangements using a security company. Thomas will keep us updated.


The wayleave has finally been granted for this to go ahead. We have been assured that there will be no installation costs and all cabling will be concealed. Consort will advise us of a date for this to happen.

CCTV and entryphones

In some buildings the cameras on entryphones are not working. Consort are aware of this problem and are dealing with the installers over this and will update as soon as they have news.

Pressure washing

Unfortunately a resident drove over the power washer hose and damaged it rendering it useless. A new one has been ordered.


All main lobbies are being painted. Samples of possible replacement floor tiles will be on display in the Estate Office. We will be notified when they are available.

Consort meeting

Thomas and Ryan are keen to have a meeting later on this year similar to the one held at the sailing club last year. As soon as we have some dates we will let people know.

Meeting finished at 8:30

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