Annie, Peter, June, David and Tim.

Howard Pull gave a presentation.

Annie read out email from Thomas giving updates on ongoing issues.

No further news on the gate after Phil wrote a supporting letter on behalf of residents.

No further updates on parking.

Staffing updates. Change in staff from the end of May.

Thomas will be sending out a newsletter to all residents.


David gave an update. It should go live on 16th May. Faceplates should be installed next week. Hyperoptic willing to help sponsor a barbeque to advertise this new service. Congrats to David for all the hard work.


Howard gave us a very useful presentation on raising membership. Aim for 60% sign up by September. RA Committee to focus on this over next few months. New posters, door to door. Raise people's awareness of RA achievements over past two years. Neighbour to neighbour sign up. Thanks to Howard for spending time on this.


Work should start on 27th May. Possibility of an open evening being organised to show everyone new equipment. Another opportunity to get people signed up to RA. David and Tim have worked really hard to bring this about, so thanks to them

Action Points

Thomas to be asked for clarification on new night staff. AW

Thomas to be asked what he is doing to resolve the parking situation regarding a new company to monitor and deal with illegal parking. AW

RA to request that we have a look at the newsletter before Thomas sends it out and also that he be asked to publicise the RA in that newsletter. AW

Facilitating easier sign up for new members on the website. DS

New poster for RA to be designed. DS/HP

Posters for Barbeque and RA and other printing to be sent to TB

Agreement on date and format of barbeque 1st or 8th June. Committee

Membership cards. DS/TB

Email to residents re: barbeque when we have agreed date. AW/DS

Further meeting re: publicity/awareness raising. David/Howard

Door to Door. Further discussion and division of labour needed on this. Committee

Meeting closed 8:40

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