Attendees: Peter and June Le Page, Phil Jones, Annie Walker

Apologies: Tim Beerh, David Stephens


  • Update on Consort Actions
  • Gate
  • Hyperoptic
  • Gym
  • Membership
  • AOB

  • Mess, spillage and oil deposits in particular around Orion bin room - Thomas has provided the restaurant with a green waste bin but there is still mess/staining.

Pressure washing - No update from Consort as to whether the washer has been replaced after being damaged.

Night concierge - No further update from Consort.

Photos of staff to be displayed - No further update from Consort.

Walk round/signing off - This does not seem to be happening on a regular basis.

Lights - I know Phil and Thomas have now had a discussion about some of the lights along Crews St.

CCTV and entry phone issues - No further update from Consort.

Parking -The issue of cars parked on Crews St all day has not improved.

  • Gate - Consort have done all the paperwork and we expect to hear from the consultant soon.

  • Hyperoptic - All residents have received letters. They should register their interest on Hyperoptic website.

  • Gym - The final quotes are coming in for replacing the gym equipment. David and Thomas are liaising with input from Tim.

  • Membership - The committee discussed options for engaging other leaseholders/residents in both the committee and signing up on the website. There was also a discussion on the need to keep the membership data updated. We are looking at the possibility of another social event later in the year and to push Consort to hold another residents meeting.

  • AOB - Generally good comments about improvements that we are starting to see around the development.


  • Thomas to be emailed with a list of outstanding issues. (AW)
  • A letter to go out to residents. Perhaps visiting door to door. People to be encouraged to get involved with committee. Possible social event. (AW/DS)
  • To make sure list of residents is up to date. (AW/DS)

Next committee meeting on 4th March tbc

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