Meeting Time: 7pm

Meeting Location: Galaxy

Requested Attendees: Odyssey Residents Association Committee


  • Quick update regarding action points from last meeting.
  • Meetings with Consort
  • Membership cards
  • Security/Bin stores
  • AOB

Committee Meeting 1st October 2013

Meeting Minutes

Present (Committee): Peter & June Le Page, Annie Walker, Philip Jones,

Apologies…Marc,Tim, David, Helen

Previous minutes approved.

Matters arising

Gates - letter from RA has been sent out to Leaseholders.

Broadband - Marc Cavell is working with Ryan Collier from Consort to try and move the issue of the wayleave forward.

Gym - quotes are still being obtained.

Letters about the bike storage have not been sent out by Consort.

Letters about barbeques have not gone out either from Consort.

New signs have not been put up regarding private property.

The glass has finally been replaced in Apollo lift.

There are still concerns about the state of some of the garden areas and the new contractors.

Meetings with Consort

Annie and Phil went to the forum hosted by Janet Entwhistle CEO of Peveral on Tues 10th September. There were very interesting questions raised by many leaseholders from different developments. Both Phil and Annie felt that as it was such a generic meeting there was not much opportunity to raise issues specific to Odyssey. However after the meeting both Sue Petrie and Michael Wareham from Consort made themselves known to us and we were able to have a brief discussion.

As a result of that meeting, Michael Wareham, Regional Property Manager, requested a visit to Odyssey. He visited Thurs 26th and Phil and Annie walked round the development with him pointing out issues of concern. He was on site for two hours and gave assurances about improvements that would be made.

Membership Cards

David has apologised for the delay in getting these out. They need to be laminated and distributed.

Bin Stores

There have been several issues over the past few weeks of strangers in the external bin stores at night. They are possibly looking for peoples’ financial details and they also pose a security risk. The committee immediately alerted Ryan Collier to this problem. We were happy to note that yesterday the bin stores were locked overnight and a notice had gone up on the boards informing residents that the stores will be locked from 8pm and opened again at 7am. Once again we agreed this security issue would be resolved if a gate was installed by the estate office.

Action points

• Venue to be found for full residents meeting. Annie/Phil

• Membership cards to be distributed. David

• Wayleave for fibre optic. Marc/Ryan

• Gym quotes. David/Tim

• A meeting with committee and Sue Petri to be organised. Annie

The RA committee will meet again on 5th November. tbc

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