Meeting Time: 7:30pm

Meeting Location: Yokuso restaurant

Requested Attendees: Open To All Residents


  • Gate
  • Broadband
  • Gym
  • Residents Association
  • Cleaning and Maintenance

** Residents Meeting 12 November 2013**

Meeting Minutes

Present (Committee): David Stephens, Phil Jones, Annie Walker

: The update from Consort (Ryan Collier) is that they are now discussing this with the Freeholder. The Freeholder’s permission is needed to move this on to the planning application stage.
It appears that only two people objected when the letters went out from Consort regarding the moving of the gate.
Everybody who was in attendance at tonight’s meeting felt that the repositioning of the gate to outside the Estate Office was a good idea.
To help with our application, the residents are urged to report incidents of anti-social behaviour to the Estate Office. The concierges and the night porters are supposed to be logging all incidents and involving the police if necessary.

: Hyperoptic was the choice of provider when the original consultation went out to residents. As things did not progress very swiftly the way leave ran out and the freeholder then decided they would not work with Hyperoptic.
There is now a possibility that BT may proceed with upgrades in the area anyway, offering speeds of between 50-100 mega-bytes. This could be in place by mid-2014.
A recent update from Ryan now indicates that the Freeholder may now be willing to negotiate with Hyperoptic again.
Both David and Ryan are working together on this in order to ensure that leaseholders get the best value and choice. We feel that we are making progress and David will continue to update residents.

: The gym equipment was bought by Consort over ten years ago and now needs regular maintenance and repair. David has been in touch with two equipment providers to look at cost of leasing new equipment and revamping the gym.
Many of the people at the meeting felt that this was a good idea and is long overdue. Even those that do not use the facility are aware of the added value it gives to their property and that of the development.
David will continue to get quotes. It was noted that there is already money allocated in the annual service charge for a gym revamp. However, David made the point that the costs would depend on the level of facilities residents wanted.

Purpose of the Residents Association
: Both David and Annie reiterated the need to get more residents (leaseholders) signed up to the residents association. This way we can become an official RA and then we can move towards a ‘Right to Manage’ if enough voters feel this is the way to proceed.
There followed a lengthy discussion about the difficulties of engaging absent leaseholders and how we set about doing this. Some really good suggestions were made and these will be followed up in due course.
Consort are now engaging with us as a Residents Association and we aim to have regular meetings with them. The more leaseholders we have signed up the more we will have some real power to negotiate more cost effective management of the estate.

Cleaning and Maintenance
: Annie reported on several meetings with Consort managers she has attended with Phil.
Peter Anderson (Development Manager) has now left and Thomas Griffin is in post effective 11 November 2013.
Annie discussed the new cleaning rota that is going to be put into place asap. The rotas will be posted on the notice boards and Annie urged residents to report to the Estate Office if their cleaning is not done. Bins are going to be installed in the internal bin rooms so that people will put their rubbish in those rather than in bags on the floor.
Many people wanted to talk about issues in their building but general agreement was that we are not getting a cleaning and maintenance service commensurate with the service charges. The members of the Committee assured everyone that this was something they were constantly raising with Consort in an attempt to raise standards and expectations while making sure we get value for money.

: David thanked the staff at Yokosu for hosting the meeting. The Committee tries to meet on the 1st Tues of every month but David suggested we might have an informal social evening in a local pub in December. David will update on that.
Annie urged everybody who is not signed up to do so on the website: and to use the website for information.

Anybody who wishes to become more involved with the Committee, or may have some skills that could be useful (solicitor for example) to please come forward and help us out.

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